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Language: English Nederlands

On the 22nd of February 2022 MMXXII (Maxi) will open its doors as a brewpub in Almere. The name refers to the year 2022, which is written as MMXXII in Roman numerals. Aside from a variety of accessible and more daring and experimental brews, MMXXII will also roast its own coffee.


MMXXII is aiming for a business location on the central Weerwater-islets in Almere. The report "Het verhaal Almere 2.0" ("The story of future Almere") refers to this area as "The mental heart of Almere 2.0" and the area will also play host to the horticultural expo Floriade 2022


From the viewpoint that if the world comes to Almere, Almere should also reach out to the world, MMXXII announced its intention to produce collaboration-brews with independent brewers from the different cities presenting themselves at Floriade 2022. These beers will be served as cask ale during the event. To accentuate the circular and sustainable character of Floriade 2022, the brews are neither bottled nor canned but only available as fresh pours into drinking glass or growler.