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The Dutch Diner is your gezellige living room abroad. The place you casually walk in for a nice coffee with stroopwafel or hop into for a cold pilsje with bitterballen, a plate full of boerenkool with rookworst or hutspot with hachee, a simple uitsmijter topped with molten cheese or just a simple frietje mayo, served with a kroket or frikandel. All with the same ease and convenience.

Friese staartklok
Friese staartklok - the traditional Frisian clock serves as an eye catching ornament in The Dutch Diner's interior


"The Dutch don't have cuisine, they've got food" is a strength rather than a weakness. Dutch food consists of straightforward, honest, plain dishes, the way grandma used to cook them. Obviously served Instagram worthy on Boerenbont pottery.

Special occasions

The Dutch Diner is the go-to place for special occasions. Serving herring with rye bread and jenever on Vlaggetjesdag; the day the first barrel of herring is brought ashore. Festively commemorating the start of the new bokbier season on the first Monday of October. Big screen televisions showing the festivities surrounding the King's birthday and the arrival of Sinterklaas. Of course The Dutch Diner will allow you to put you shoe by the chimney so Sinterklaas can fill it with candy, and on December 5th The Dutch Diner will host a Secret Santa Pakjesavond.


Owners of guesthouses the world over have already noticed the Dutch tend to break the ice by presenting their host a pack of caramel waffles. This effective gesture opens doors that would otherwise remain shut and is nothing less than micro scale Culinary diplomacy. Scaled up, a plate packed with sliced ossenworst, zilveruitjes and diced cheese is not just a bittergarnituur but also a conversation starter, turning a potentially stressful meering into a pleasant chat rather than a nerve wrecking contract negotiation or job interview.

Interior and Location

The Dutch Diner is timelessly furnished, decorated with lifesize reproductions of Van Gogh's Potato Eaters, Vermeer's Milkmaid and to keep it all in style, a portrait of Willem Alexander and Maxima. The true centerpiece and eye catcher is a brand new Friese staartklok, customized with paintings of local landmarks. Whether that's Tokyo, Prague, Melbourne, Kaapstad, a repurposed warehouse of Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires, the grounds of Expo 2020 in Dubai, inside the terminal of a KLM hub, theferry terminal or even on board of HAL cruise ships or on one of the top floors of the A'DAM-toren.

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